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Registration is open for the 2022-23 Kingsway Youth Basketball.

Refund policy due to Covid

We are sure everyone realizes that we are in a new world when it comes to Covid.  You are also aware that cost are incurred even if no games are played (Insurance, web sites, administration, etc).  We are opening registration and plan to have a fun season.  In the event that a pandemic would strike again and force the league closure the refund policy will be as follows.

75% refund if league is closed before uniforms are ordered.  Probably around 10/31 timeframe.  This will be shortly after kids are placed on teams. 

50% if league is closed prior to first games and after uniforms are ordered.  Jerseys will still be given to all members who were placed on a team.

25% after games begin, but before January 22, 2022.

0% after January 22th.

Refund for youth clinic is 75% before uniforms are ordered.   50% after uniforms are ordered.  0% after January 22.

This applies to a full season shut down only.