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 Established 1969

(Last Updated/Amended 12/15/14) 


The mission of the Salem County Rural League is to provide opportunities for member programs to work closely together, while promoting educational experiences for student athletes, which will benefit them throughout their lives.  The League will foster an educationally sound environment that values good sportsmanship, fair play, and a wholesome relationship among participants, spectators, organizations, and communities.


  • To equalize athletic opportunities for individuals and member organizations. 
  • To promote uniformity in the arrangement and control of athletic contests. 
  • To continue to seek methods and means of promoting sportsmanship and academics.
  • To continue to enhance the success of members at the individual, team, and League levels. 


ARTICLE I         Name of Organization

Section 1.1      The name of this organization shall be the Salem County Rural League  (further referenced as SCRL or League).

ARTICLE II       Mission and Purpose of the Organization

Section 2.1      The SCRL will be guided by our mission statement and objectives.

Section 2.2      The League will continually evaluate present goals and objectives, adopt appropriate necessary change and then implement those changes.

ARTICLE III      Membership

Section 3.1      Any organization that is located in Salem County (or in any contiguous county) and who is willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the SCRL may apply.

Section 3.2      Application for new membership shall be made in writing by the organization’s governing body.  Copies of this application must be forwarded to the League President and/or Secretary.  Admission of Salem County organizations shall be dependent upon a two-thirds majority vote of the entire eligible League membership. Admission of organizations outside of Salem County shall be dependent on a UNANIMOUS vote of the entire eligible League membership.

Section 3.3      Membership Levels

3.3.1  Full Membership

Participation in all League season and post season play

Full voting rights

3.3.2  Provisional Membership

ALL first year member organizations shall be considered “Provisional members”

Participation in all League season and post season play

Have NO voting rights

Provisional status shall be reviewed after 1 year

3.3.3  Probationary Membership

Any team placed on “Probation” by the League members

Participation in all League season play but NO post season play

Have NO voting rights

Probationary status shall be reviewed after 1 year

Section 3.4      An organization may be dropped from the League by a two-thirds majority vote of the member organizations for failure to abide by the rules or decisions of the League.

ARTICLE IV                Dues/Budgets 

Section 4.1      Each member organization shall be assessed annual dues, supported by a League budget, which is to be decided by the League Board of Directors.  The League shall set the dues for the ensuing year no later than the February meeting.  The fee shall be paid to the League treasurer before December 20th of each successive organization year.  A review of the previous year’s accounts shall be presented to the League members at the October meeting.

Section 4.2      Any organization that has not paid its dues on or before December 20th of each organizational year shall be assessed a fine of $1 per day until January 30th.  If the dues and fine are not paid by January 30th, all contests in which the delinquent organization has participated may be forfeited.

Section 4.3      In the matter of any situation, incident or event involving legal matters and/or fees to be incurred beyond the normal budget, no action may be taken or fund disbursed until duly and properly approved by member organizations.  Action by the Board of Directors on such matters may only come with input from the membership the regular monthly League meeting or at a special meeting called by the Executive.  In either case, each member organization shall be notified in writing of recommendations to be considered.

ARTICLE V       Board of Directors and Officers

Section 5.1      The Board of Directors shall consist of the representatives from each member organization.  Each member organization shall have one (1) vote. The Executive Committee of the League shall nominate potential candidates for offiicers from the Board of Directors at the first meeting of each organization year and shall include the officers and three (3) trustees. The Executive Committee of the League shall elect offiicers from the Board of Directors at the second meeting of each organization year and shall include the officers and three (3) trustees. All officers and trustees shall serve a one-year term of office.  The officers and their respective duties are as follows:

5.1.1        President

1.   Preside at all League meetings.

  1. Appoint committees and committee chairpersons.
  2. Call special meetings when requested and/or in emergency situations.
  3. Officially represent the League when necessary.
  4. Prepare an agenda for each meeting

5.1.2        Vice President

1.      Conduct League meetings in the absence of the President.

2.      Shall assume responsibility for keeping all SCRL records and standings.

5.1.3        Secretary

1.      Record all minutes of regular and special meetings and present the minutes at the next regular meeting.

2.      Send copies of the minutes and the agenda to member organizations prior to subsequent meetings.

  1. Call the roll of organizations at meetings and record by name those present, absent and/or late.
  2. Keep records of all League proceedings.
  3. Be responsible for all League correspondence
  4. Record all negative and positive votes made by organizations at all meetings.
  5. Record all game scores and standings.

5.1.4        Treasurer

  1. Prepare a League budget and submit a copy to the Board of Directors in October of each year.
  2. Collect and deposit all finances.
  3. Disburse payment of bills authorized by the League.
  4. Be responsible for all purchases authorized by the League.
  5. Prepare a monthly finance statement and give a report on the statement at the monthly meetings.
  6. Prepare a yearly finance report for review purposes.

5.1.5        Trustees

  1. Shall participate in all deliberations of the Executive committee
  2. Shall have an equal vote with the officers in decisions of the Executive committee

5.2      Special Appointments

The Executive committee shall have the right to engage and/or employ the services of a League Scheduler and a League Assignor.

5.2.1        The League Scheduler will produce a master schedule to be presented no later than the November meeting.

5.2.2        The League Assignor shall be responsible for the procurement and assignment of officials for all SCRL Junior Varsity and Varsity contests.

5.2.3        Compensation to the League Scheduler and League Assignor shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by a vote of the Board of Directors.

5.2.4        The Executive Committee may invite the League Scheduler and/or the League Assignor to participate in Executive Committee meetings and deliberations, but they shall have NO vote.

ARTICLE VI      Committees and Special Appointments

Section 6.1      Committees are defined as Standing or Adhoc.  A Standing committee helps in the operational management of the League.  An Adhoc Committee deals with special issues of the League.

Section 6.2      The League President shall appoint all committees.  A committee may be formed anytime the League President or its members decide one is necessary.

Section 6.3      All committee members shall serve on the appointed committee until new committee members replace them.

Section 6.4      A report by the committee Chairperson shall be presented at the monthly Board meeting.

ARTICLE VII     Meetings

Section 7.1      The League shall hold a minimum of THREE meetings prior to the start of the season and ONE in February with the time and place to be set by the President.

Section 7.2      Special meetings may be held at the call of the President or at the request of the majority of member organizations.

Section 7.3      A quorum shall consist of 60% of the member organizations.

Section 7.5      The order of business shall be as follows:

Call to order by presiding officer

  1. Roll call by Secretary
  2. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Approval for bills to be paid
  5. Committee reports
  6. Old business
  7. New business
  8. General welfare

10.  Adjournment

Section 7.6      A motion can only be approved by a majority roll call vote of the organizations present and duly recorded.

Section 7.7      An organization must be represented by a member at regular meetings unless previously excused by the President.  Failure to attend at least 2 of the 4 regularly scheduled meetings shall result in a fine of $25 to be paid before the next meeting.  Failure to pay the above fine may result in an immediate suspension of the participation and voting rights of the organization in violation.

Section 7.8      All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. The Vice President shall maintain a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order for reference at every meeting.

Section 7.9      Representation of attendance at all Board of Directors meetings shall extend from the call to order through adjournment unless previously excused by the President.

ARTICLE VIII   Protests and Grievances

Section 8.1      A protest may be put forth when an alleged violation of the League Constitution, By-laws, Rules, or Regulations has been committed.

8.1.1    Protests based upon official’s judgment or misinterpretation of the playing rules will not be honored.

8.1.2    The Executive Committee shall be the hearing body for all protests of the SCRL Constitution.

8.1.3    The Board of Directors shall be the hearing body for all protests of alleged violations of the SCRL By-laws, Rules and Regulations.

8.1.4    Once a quorum is present, a two-thirds majority vote of members present is required for decisions to be upheld.

Section 8.2      A grievance can occur when a member organization or organizations disagree with a decision made by the League.

Section 8.3      Procedures for filing protests and grievances (see Protests and Grievance Flow Chart in appendix).

9.3.1    All protests of the Constitution shall be made in writing to the President of the League by the complaining organization’s and postmarked within five (5) calendar days from the date of the alleged violation.  A fee of $50.00 shall accompany the written protest.  This fee shall be returned to the organization(s) involved if the protest is sustained.  The representatives of the organizations involved must be notified in writing at least five (5) calendar days in advance of a protest hearing.

9.3.2    It is desirable that the protests of the By-laws, Rules and Regulations first be handled between the organizations involved.  If the organizations involved cannot work out their dispute then all protests shall be made in writing to the President of the League by the complaining organizations and postmarked within five (5) calendar days from the date of the alleged violation.

9.3.3    All grievances with the SCRL decisions shall be made in writing to the President of the League by the complaining organization’s Principal and postmarked within (5) calendar days from the date of the alleged violation.  These grievances will then be placed in the hands of the Executive.

Section 8.4      Protest and Grievance Hearing Procedures: The following regulations will be in effect at all hearings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.

8.4.1    A representative of the protesting organization shall state his/her case.  Witnesses having supporting evidence may be introduced.

8.4.2    The representative of the organization being protested against shall state his/her case.  Witnesses having supporting evidence may be introduced.

8.4.3    Other individuals having supporting evidence may be introduced.

8.4.4    All witnesses shall be sequestered at all times.

8.4.5    Either party shall be permitted to cross-examine the other party’s witnesses and introduce rebutting testimony.

8.4.6    Comments by protesting organization(s) may be made.

8.4.7    Comments by organization(s) being protested against may be made.

8.4.8    Questions shall be directed to both organizations and individuals involved.

8.4.9    The room shall be cleared. Only Executive Committee members/Board of Director members shall be present for deliberations, and final vote. One representative from each organization shall be present during deliberations and vote. A committee member may recall witnesses for clarification of their testimony.  No new testimony may be offered during deliberations.

8.4.10  Proposed solutions shall be stated in the form of a motion, indicating the names of the members who offered the motion and seconded the motion.

8.4.11  A recorded vote shall be taken.

8.4.12 A decision shall be rendered and a written explanation shall

be sent to the organizations involved, by the League President, within five (5) approved calendar workdays

8.4.13  All final decisions made by the Executive Committee are final. 

ARTICLE IX      Sanctions and Penalties

When a violation occurs in a specific report, the League, after hearings, may apply probation, suspension, expulsion and/or forfeiture of games and/or championship rights.

Section 9.1            Probation

9.1.1    The cause for probation shall be the willful violation of the Constitution or By-laws of the SCRL.

9.1.2    The probationary period for a League organization shall be one (1) year from the date of the violation.

9.1.3    During the probationary period, an organization may play its regular schedule in sports but shall not be eligible for any League championship in the sport involved in the probation.

Section 9.2      Suspension

9.2.1    An organization may be suspended for:

  1. Non-payment of dues, fees, or fines
  2. Failure to fulfill game commitments
  3. Playing a suspended organization
  4. Continued violation of the Constitution and By-laws

Section 9.3      Expulsion

10.3.1    A organization may be expelled if:

  1. The organization does not maintain responsibility and control of athletes, coaches, and fans.
  2. The organization refuses to abide by the decisions of the League.

Section 9.4      Forfeiture of Games

9.4.1    An organization may be required to forfeit games for:

  1. Violation(s) of the SCRL Constitution and By-laws, Rules and Regulations.

Section 9.5      Forfeiture of Championship Rights

9.5.1    An organization may be required to forfeit championship games for:

  1. Violation(s) of the SCRL Constitution and By-laws, Rules and Regulations.

Section 9.6      A player may be suspended and a coach and/or organization censured for violating the SCRL Constitution and By-laws, Rules and Regulations.

ARTICLE X       Amendments

Section 11.1    This Constitution and By-laws, as voted on by the governing body of each individual organization, may be altered or amended by a two-thirds vote of all member organizations. The proposed change(s) must be presented at the February meeting of the League and all organizations must receive the proposal(s) in writing prior to the meeting.  The change(s) will be voted on first reading at the February meeting and if successful, will then be acted upon at a Final Reading at the next meeting.

Section 11.2    All amendments will be stated on a separate  amendments page for one (1) year.  After this time period, the amendments will be incorporated into the Constitution and By-laws as a whole.



ARTICLE BI                Sports/Activities

Section B1.1   All athletic activities shall be governed by the League Constitution and By-laws, Rules and Regulations; the playing rules, regulations and recommendations that the NFHS sanctions for that particular activity and the official guide rules.

Section B1.2   Losses and Injuries

B1.2.1 The League shall not be held responsible for any losses or injuries to anyone.

Section B1.3   League Division Alignment

B1.3.1 The League shall be divided into divisions as deemed necessary and appropriate by the League Scheduler with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Section B1.5   Master Schedules

B1.5.1 League Scheduler shall be responsible for developing an appropriate master schedule to be presented at the League meeting in November.

B1.5.2 All master schedules shall be approved by a majority vote of the member organizations at the December League meeting.

B1.5.3 In developing season schedules, all contests will observe the following starting times as determined by the home organization:

B1.5.3.1          It is recommended that Junior Varsity contests on weeknights will start at 6:00 p.m. with Varsity games to follow. Developmental contests should be scheduled prior to the JV contest and conclude in such a time as not to interfere with the scheduled starting time of the JV contest.

B1.5.3.2          It is recommended that Varsity only contests begin at 6:00 p.m.

B1.5.5 On Saturdays, the home organization will have the right to determine the starting time; however, both organizations must mutually agree upon the starting time. No contests shall be scheduled on Sundays or holidays without the approval of the President and the mutual agreement of both participating organizations.

B1.5.6 The League Board of Directors will publish and distribute to each organization a final and official copy of the League schedule. Should disagreement arise over a starting time, and/or day, the administration of the visiting organization must initiate correspondence concerning this conflict.  In the event there is no resolution, the visiting team wishing to dispute the day and/or time a scheduled contest appears on the final and official schedule, may file a protest.  The protest must come in the form of a letter to the League President and be postmarked within 5 days after the distribution of the final and official schedule Failure to comply with the decision of the Executive will result in a fine of $50 and forfeiture of the game in question.

Section B1.6   Postponing Contests

B1.6.1 The home team has the right to postpone a contest for weather-related problems. When the home team postpones a contest, the competing organizations must mutually agree upon the day and time of the rescheduled event.

B1.8.2 A visiting team may use emergency or extenuating circumstances (act of God, transportation problems, etc.) as justifiable reasons to request a postponement.  The competing organizations must mutually agree upon the date and time of the rescheduled event.  If organizations cannot mutually agree upon a day to reschedule, they must compete on next available day excluding holidays and other scheduled game days.

B1.8.3 No League game shall be postponed due to the illness of a coach or injury/illness of players unless mutually agreed upon by the competing organizations.

Clarification: In the case of a varsity contest it is expected that a organization would use their sub-varsity players to field a full team.

ARTICLE BII     Player Eligibility

All players must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate in SCRL events:

Section B2.1   All players must be in the 8th grade or under. Eligibility of students who are “ungraded” will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Section B2.2   Players may not turn 15 years of age prior to September 1st of the current season. A player turning 15 on or after September 1stshall be eligible.  JV players may not turn 13 years of age prior to September 1st of the current season. A JV player turning 13 on or after September 1st shall be eligible.

Section B2.3   Players must reside in the geographic township/city their organization represents.

B2.3.1 – Exceptions:

  1. NO Eligibility waivers may be requested for grade or age.
  2. Eligibility waivers for residence may be made by an organization at any regularly scheduled League meeting. The organization must state the nature of the waiver requested and the reason for the request. Waivers will be granted by a majority vote of the members present.

Section B2.4   A player roster including name, address, DOB, and grade must be submitted to the League one (1) week prior to the first contest and a copy of the roster must be available for inspection by any League member organization at all contests.

Section B2.5   The penalty for an ineligible player(s) shall be a FORFIET of the game(s) in which the player(s) appeared.

ARTICLE BII     I        League Fees and Admissions

Section B3.1   League Fees

B3.1.1 Application Fee – $300 to accompany all applications for membership. This fee shall include the applicant’s dues for the first year. Application fees will be returned in full if membership is denied.

B3.1.2 Annual Dues – Each member organization shall pay an annual fee of $125 per Varsity team & $75 per JV team.  Dues shall be payable by December 20th of each year.

Section B3.2   Admission fees shall be at the discretion of the governing body of each individual organization.

Section B3.3  Assigners fee for game officials shall be $20 per each official on the approved roster.

Section B3.4  Game scheduling fee shall be $13 per each team entered for league play and assigned to a division and a schedule of games.

ARTICLE BV               League Awards

Section B5.1   The League shall provide suitable awards for the champions in each division.  All awards shall be the same.

Section B5.2   A suitable award shall be presented to members of All Star teams as selected by the League.

ARTICLE BVI   All Star Competition/Championships

Section B6.1   The League will hold post-season playoff tournament to determine league champions for JV & Varsity divisions.  Proceeds from these games will be used to support the HOST orgnizations.

Section B6.2   The League will sponsor an All Star competition for each level of play.

B6.2.1 Procedures for All Star selection are determined by each member organization.

B6.2.2 Total number of players and the number of team representatives shall be determined by the Board of Directors, however each team shall have at least one (1) representative.  It is suggested that teams with better win/loss records have more representation.

B6.2.3 All Star Coaches shall be selected based on the season record of their team. The Executive Committee reserves the right to appoint “emeritus” coach status to individuals who are retiring from coaching or who have provided outstanding service to the League.

ARTICLE BV     II       Officials

Section B7.1   All basketball officials working in any SCRL games must be registered with the SCRL assignor and listed in the directory of approved officials published by the SCRL.

Section B7.2   Officials fees shall be negotiated annually by the Executive Committee and published by the December meeting. Member organizations MUST abide by the negotiated fee structure.


ARTICLE RI                Officials

R1.1    At least two registered officials, must be assigned for all varsity and junior varsity games.  In case of an emergency, the game must be played if only one registered official is present.

R1.2    It shall be the responsibility of the HOME team to pay for all officials. Payment shall be made at the time of the game unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

R1. 3   Officials for developmental games shall be at the discretion of the home organization.


Play shall be governed by the NFHS (National Federation of High School Associations) Basketball rules, except as modified below:

R2.1    Length of Game

R.2.1.1            Varsity contests shall consist of four (4) quarters, eight (8) minutes in length. Overtime periods shall be four  (4) minutes in length for varsity contests and three (3) minutes in length for JV contests.

R2.2    Player Roster Eligibility

R2.2.1 Varsity teams shall be comprised of players in 7th & 8th grade (exception; Any JV players are eligible for Varsity).

R2.2.2 JV teams shall be comprised of players in 6th grade and under.  Exception; any JV team, may request to have TWO 7th grade players who are not on a Varsity roster.  All requests made prior to the season must be approved by majority vote of league membership.  All requests made after the last pre-season meeting must be approved by the SCRL President.

R2.2.3 Any JV player may be transferred to the Varsity team (transfer must be made 14 calendar days before the final game of the regular season).  Any player transferred to the Varsity is INELIGIBLE for JV play for the remainder of the season.

R2.2.4 Varsity players are INELIGIBLE for JV play.

R2.2.5 League members with multiple Varsity teams may not transfer players between teams (same rule applies for JV).

R2.2.6 Varsity teams that have less than EIGHT active players on their roster may request to “swing” JV players to the Varsity team without losing JV eligibility. The “swing” players will be restricted to a maximum of FIVE quarters per day.  All “swing” players will be imited to ONE quarter per Varsity playoff game.  All “swing” players must be noted in the JV and Varsity scorebook for every game played.  All requests made prior to the season must be approved by majority vote of league membership.  All requests made after the last pre-season meeting must be approved by the SCRL President.  7th grade JV players are not eligible to be “swing” players.

R2.3    Full/Half Court Pressure Defenses

R2.3.1 In a Varsity game full/half court pressure defense shall be permitted. Exception – if the score differential is 25+ points, the team with the lead may not extend their defense beyond the 3-point arc. Penalty – a technical foul assessed to the coach.

R2.3.2 In a Junior Varsity game full/half court pressure defense shall be permitted only in the last 2 minutes of each half. Exception – if the score differential is 25+ points, the team with the lead may not extend their defense beyond the 3-point arc. Penalty – a technical foul assessed to the coach.

R2.4    Time Outs

R2.4.1 Each team shall receive three (3) full time outs and two (2)

30 – second timeouts per game. An additional full time out shall be awarded for each overtime period.

R2.5    Technical Fouls

R2.5.1 Any player or coach disqualified for any flagrant foul/act, unsportsmanlike conduct or receives two (2) technical fouls in the same contest shall be disqualified from the remainder of the contest AND shall be SUSPENDED from the next regularly scheduled contest. (If the disqualification occurs in the last game of the season, the suspension will occur during the first game of the next season.)

R2.5.1.1 Disqualified coaches shall be fined $25, and shall not be permitted to coach in an SCRL game until the fine is paid.

R2.5.2 Any player or coach disqualified two (2) times during the season shall be SUSPENDED for the remainder of the season.

R2.6    Fan Conduct

R2.6.1 The Head Coach of a team is responsible for the conduct of the fans supporting their organization.

R2.6.2 The official shall provide a VERBAL warning to the head coach in the event of fan misconduct.

R2.6.3 In the event of continued fan misconduct, technical foul(s) may be assessed to the Head Coach.

R2.6.4 ALL cases of misconduct shall be reported to the Board of Directors, and may result in disciplinary action being taken upon a member organization.

R2.7    Mercy Rule

R2.7.1 For ALL SCRL games, when a team reaches a lead of thirty points or greater the officials shall institute a “running clock”.  The clock shall only stop for a team timeout, injury timeout, and any other timeout initiated by the officials that may cause a delay in the game.  Once a “running clock” is instituted it shall it shall govern all timing for the remainder of the game.

ARTICLE RIII   Game Scores

R3.1    Game scores should be reported to the League Secretary via telephone or e-mail within 24 hours of the contest conclusion.


Tie Breaking participants for League Procedures to determine Championships/Post-Season Events

Section R4.1   In the event of two or more teams being tied for the final playoff/post season event position at the end of a season, the following procedures will be followed to break a tie.

  1. Record vs. each other
  2. One game playoff (to be played at a neutral site, if possible, with game expenses being divided equally between the participating teams.)

Section R4.2   The following procedure will be used to determine playoff/post-season seeding:

  1. WINNING PERCENTAGE (division games only)
  3. LOTTERY NUMBER (drawn @ last pre-season meeting) or PLAY-IN GAME (only to determine the final seed in playoff)





The following Guidelines are not a part of the Constitution or By-laws of the League but are written for use by the League as a guide for various areas.

Staffing of Events and Crowd Control

  1. All League organizations should be sensitive to and be cognizant of the need for crowd control procedures.
  2. Prior to the opening game of each season the member organizations will review League expectations concerning good sportsmanship for the ensuing season with their coaches, players and fans.
  3. Member organizations should continue to maintain close communication with one another.
  4. Member organizations should contact one another if there is any suspicion of a crowd control problem.


The following crowd control procedures are to be followed by all League organizations:

  1. When seats are filled at an indoor event, all entrances should be closed.
  2. The length of time that admission tickets are sold is left to the home organization.
  3. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by a coach should be reported to the opposing organization.
  4. All coaches should meet with their respective teams before the season and explain the procedures to be followed in the event trouble arises.
  5. Announcements should be made prior to all games that any person or persons displaying unsportsmanlike conduct shall be removed from the area.
  6. Noisemakers, radios, and boom boxes shall not be permitted at any event in the League.  Use of music players with headphones is left to the home organization. Signs and banners may be permitted at the discretion of the home organization provided such signs and banners are not derogatory towards the opponents and the signs are placed in a stationary manner on each organizations respective bench areas.
  7. At all League basketball games, only those players directly involved in the game shall be permitted to shoot the ball during halftime or before the game.  Varsity players shall not shoot before or during halftime of the junior varsity game and vice-versa.
  8. No spectators shall be permitted to stand in the bleachers or other areas at indoor events unless the home organization grants permission.